AVEX Supply

3677 N. Highway 126

Building 3

Ogden,UT   84404

(801) 528-5118

OEM Specialists in fasteners and connectors for the construction and production industries.


Sizes, Grades, & Finishes

Heavy, Cap, Torx, Socket, Hex, Zinc, Trivalent, Domestic, ... all them words ... we know what they mean and where they are.

Cutting, Plating, & Chamfering

Studs, Bolts, Screws ... all Grades and Sizes, and they still don't fit where they are needed. Call us and we'll make them fit your application and specification.

Packaging & Kitting

AVEX can package your assembly parts, bagged with your company logo, for inclusion in your shipped product.


Bar and All-Thread can be custom cut to Studs that are the right length for your specific application. Call us for necessary lead times and quantities.